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Secure your organization with a business VPN

Portal Cloud is a VPN service that enables teams to securely access private company resources, and remote workers to secure their network traffic.

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Business VPN Features
Secure Access

Restrict access to your organization’s services, apps, and data to your VPN-connected users with IP whitelisting and gateways for AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Remote Work

VPN enabled teams can work securely at a client's office, while traveling, and on public wifi networks.

Infinite Scalability

Each user in your organization gets a dedicated VPN instance so the performance of your VPN network scales with your business.

Simple Invoicing

Shared billing pools together all of your organization’s instances into a single monthly invoice.

Enterprise Security

All information sent to or from your account is encrypted and SSO (Single Sign-On) is available for enhanced security.

Dedicated Resources

All instances are private and reserved for your organization’s exclusive use.

Add Team Members
Add users and manage your entire team from the intuitive admin interface. Protecting your organization’s data has never been simpler.
Manage VPNs
Add gateways and manage active instances. Quickly onboard new team members and support existing users.
Connect Devices
Add devices, manage settings, block ad/malware networks, and connect to your devices to your VPN.
Simple VPN Gateways
Use VPN Gateways to enable your team to securely access company resources on AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Media Quotes
"So, why is a VPN important for your business? Using a VPN gives you these benefits;
  • Protects your privacy by hiding your real IP address
  • Provides safe access to both public and private Wi-Fi connections
  • Gives you access to geographically censored sites
  • Keeps all your important data private and secure"
"This also comes in handy at places like a hotel, airport, or coffee shop. You're putting yourself at risk any time you use their unencrypted public WiFi connections. If you connect to a VPN immediately after, however, you can surf safely."
"One of the best ways to secure your data is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which also provides some control over how you're identified online. "
""Small business users need VPNs to keep their network traffic private and safe from tampering," advised Kurt Roemer, Citrix chief security strategist. A VPN (virtual private network) creates a private, secure network between your Wi-Fi connected mobile device, websites and anything else you connect. The word "virtual" is part of the name, because a VPN sets up a software-based secure network. "VPNs provide an essential layer of security protection, " said Kent Bloomstrand, Chief Technology Officer at CSID."
Launched in Y Combinator Startup School, Portal Cloud is a Silicon Valley based company building a next generation business VPN. Sign Up