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Benefits of OpenSaaS
Long-term Reliability

Open source applications aren't subject to being shut down or acquired by large companies.

Free Software

Because the software is free, you only pay for the cost of hosting the application.

Data Portability

You have complete and exclusive access to your data, so you can take it with you anytime you choose.

Trustworthy Software

Publicly available source code means that anyone can review it for bugs, security vulnerabilities, and functionality.

Hosting Simplified

Host your own open source software without having to become a sysadmin. Use the simple web interface to run apps in the cloud.

No Censorship

Your right to freedom of speech is fully respected, and there will never be any arbitrary censorship or restrictions.

Media Quotes
"What's more, open-source software saves you money because many are entirely free. WordPress, for example, lets you build your company website with little web-design knowledge. Even big brands such as The New Yorker, Sony Music, Xerox and Best Buy use the platform."
"With data breaches affecting billions of people from companies including finance, retailers, tech and beyond, we are realizing that technology that we assumed to be benign can be used in ways we didn’t anticipate, and I would expect we demand transparency for what’s happening. The transport layer of privacy is the software that handles the private data. Open sourcing that software will let us see what’s actually happening."
"The beauty of open source is that it’s a huge ecosystem of innovators who are no longer competing for scarce resources but rather sharing knowledge with others to create new resources and opportunities for others to benefit from these resources. "
"Open-source software — never far from the spotlight — is making headlines everywhere, from Europe to Asia and in servers and in smart phones"
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