Simple blogging platform
Nanoblog is a simple and professional blog with a 280 character limit that supports crossposting to your Twitter account. Posts can also be queued for automatic publication on a selected schedule to keep your blog and Twitter account fresh.
Blogging on Easy Mode
280 character limit makes blogging accessible to everyone and threading makes it possible to write more when desired.
Scheduled Posts
Add posts to your queue to automatically publish on a selected schedule.
Twitter Crossposting
Add your Twitter account to enable crossposting to your timeline.
Threaded Posts AKA tweetstorms
Click the "Add another update" button to enable thread posting.
Web Analytics
Add javascript tracking code to your blog posts for web analytics.
Queued Posts
Launch a startup instance
       Recommended for 200k visits/mo
Processors 2 vCPUs
Memory 2 GB
Transfer 2 TB
       Recommended for 400k visits/mo
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 8 GB
Transfer 4 TB
       Recommended for 600k visits/mo
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 16 GB
SSD 100 GB
Transfer 6 TB
Launch a business instance
       Recommended for 800k visits/mo
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 16 GB
SSD 100 GB
Transfer 8 TB
Performance High
       Recommended for 1M visits/mo
Processors 8 vCPUs
Memory 32 GB
SSD 200 GB
Transfer 10 TB
Performance High
       Recommended for 1M+ visits/mo
Processors 16 vCPUs
Memory 64 GB
SSD 400 GB
Transfer 12 TB
Performance High