Private WireGuard® VPN server
Subspace is an open source WireGuard® VPN server that supports connecting all of your devices to help secure your internet access.
Secure access with IP whitelisting
Restrict access to your organization’s services, apps, and data to your VPN-connected users.
Work remotely with encrypted internet
VPN enabled teams can work securely at a client's office, while traveling, and on public wifi.
Single sign-on with SAML
Manage access to your VPN with SSO using identity providers like G Suite, Okta, and Microsoft Azure.
Dedicated resources for your company
All instances are private and reserved for your organization’s exclusive use and include a dedicated IP address.
Scale up on demand
Upgrade your instance at any time to increase capacity as your organizations grows.
Support for all platforms
Connect all your devices with official WireGuard clients for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS.
Fastest VPN protocol available
WireGuard is the most modern, secure, and highest performance VPN protocol available.
100% open source
With open source, you can enjoy the benefits of reliable, portable, and trustworthy software.
Admin Panel
Connection Instructions
Admin Settings
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Launch a startup instance
       Recommended for 3-5 users
Processors 2 vCPUs
Memory 2 GB
Transfer 2 TB
       Recommended for 6-10 users
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 8 GB
Transfer 4 TB
       Recommended for 11-15 users
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 16 GB
SSD 100 GB
Transfer 6 TB
Launch a business instance
       Recommended for 16-20 users
Processors 4 vCPUs
Memory 16 GB
SSD 100 GB
Transfer 8 TB
Performance High
       Recommended for 21-25 users
Processors 8 vCPUs
Memory 32 GB
SSD 200 GB
Transfer 10 TB
Performance High
       Recommended for 26-30 users
Processors 16 vCPUs
Memory 64 GB
SSD 400 GB
Transfer 12 TB
Performance High